Things to do around Trangie

Bird watching 

We can arrange for people to spend the day out at one off the local bird watching areas only 3 klm from the park
We also have the Goan water hole a short walk from The park the water hole was an old aboriginal watering spot where  many birds spend their day

Wungunja cultural centre

this is a new museum now open with artefacts and history of Aboriginals in the Trangie area 

Gin Gin weir

Is about 17 klm from the park on a good sealed road where  you can fish or swim , and the fishing is reported to be good .
The weir is on the Macquarie river and was used for irrigation up till the early 1900

Cobb and Co

Trangie is part of the Cobb and Co route and some of the old staging post is still in town You can also get information on where the Cobb and co coaches traveled to and from.

Garford fire truck 

If you are a fire truck buff then you can visit the small museum in town that has the old town fire truck on show Its a 1918 Garford fire engine.

Go for a slow 

There is a walking map available from the park that takes you around town and points out the past history of the town

Find out the town history 

Also at the Goan water hole is a bbq and toilet area where the local action group have set up an information board on the history of the area

Play around of Golf or Bowls 

If you enjoy a game of golf then the 18 hole course will test your skill Its a sand scrap course and only $5 for 18 holes Women  play comp on Tuesday and men on Saturday when visitors are most welcome

The town also has a first class bowls club and again visitors can join in a weekly comp and fun days in the summer months There  is also twilight  bowls

Use Trangie as a base 

If you want to venture further afield but use Trangie as your base then a trip to the Rabbit Trap hotel for one of the best burgers in NSW is a must Its at Albert a short drive of 40 klm from Trangie

Or you can travel the back road following the Macquarie  River  to Narromine

Trangie being nice and flat it's easy to walk or ride around

Trangie has its own race track where  2 race days are held each year one being on the first Monday after Christmas and the second is 14 th March

If you are a sports fan and enjoy watching any type of football then each weekend during football season there is a local game on in town .

Trangie has 3 hotels of which 2 serve meals 6 days a week not Sunday's
The bowls club has the local Chinese restaurant which is open 7 days with take way and the RSL has meals every Friday and Saturday nights 

We have 2 coffee shops 1 being the local bakery where there cakes are to die for

If you are traveling though our area in the summer months and need a cool dip then the council swimming pool is open from 12 till 7 each day until the last weekend in March

A trip out to the Trangie air field 

if you like airplans  then you can spend time at the air field  seeing crop dusters landing and look over the them .

just ask Andrew at the park for more information